Ready to be a part of LA's Original Food Fest?

Well, this is our last year, so this is your last chance. Get out your #stretchypants and let's do this!

Note: New vendors are required to participate in one of our open call blind tastings to showcase their skills and what they plan to serve at the event. After the tasting, they may be selected to be a part of the event, added to the waitlist, or asked to reapply. These open calls take place at our offices in Old Pasadena. 



WHAT: 10th Annual LA Food Fest 
WHEN: Saturday, June 29, 2-6PM 
WHERE: Santa Anita Park (Infield), Arcadia
WHO: Attendance capped at 5,000 (3,500 GA + 1,500 VIP)


Thursday, March 28 / 11a-1p
Thursday, April 25 / 11a-1p
Pasadena, CA 


Large Item Load In: Friday, June 28 
General Load In: June 29, 7AM - 11AM (same day) 
* Strike when guests are cleared (after 6:30pm)


  • 10x10 Tent or Umbrellas (for Food Trucks)

  • Food Cost Stipend of ($300–1200 based on menu item and eligibility)

  • 6’ or 8' Tables for Service and Prep (1-2) 

  • Branded Signage

  • Promotional Listing (on website and all press materials)

  • Basic Electrical (upon request)

  • Rentals (available at preferred partner rates)

  • Permits / Permit Fees


  • 3000 portions of 1-2 Signature Items 

  • Staff to Portion and Distribute*

*culinary volunteers may be provided upon request


  • ALL INCLUSIVE ticketed, tasting event, with food cost subsidies for chefs and restaurants (READ - NO VENDOR FEE, WE PROVIDE A STIPEND FOR YOUR FOOD COSTS)

  • Prominent guest chefs from across the US, Mexico and beyond

  • Great sponsors and partner brands 

  • Curated top shelf bars in addition to our annual Tequila Experience and Beer Gardens

  • The signature Ice Cream Social featuring sweets, confections and frozen treats 

  • The return of Taco Town featuring many of our Latin vendors

  • A stellar demographic and opportunity to get in front of 5k attendees who are eager to try new places and things 

  • Cross promotion of your brand through our extensive social media channels including at least one feature for all participants on the @LAFoodFest instagram account

  • Charitable Partners include LA Kitchen and Children's Hospital LA. Our continued emphasis is on donating any remaining food and creating a 'Zero Waste' Food Event

As always, you can expect a highly curated and beautifully produced event with:

  • Name recognition and history

  • Crisp white tents

  • Sold out attendance

  • Quality Town & Country equipment rentals

  • Timely payouts (net 30 with invoice)

  • And a great in house vendor team to help you get everything you need.


Ready? Let's Get Started!

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the LA FOOD FEST Team at

Step 1

Complete this online vendor application below and submit your $20 application fee.

Pay the NON-REFUNDABLE $20 application fee by adding “Application Fee” to your cart and completing checkout through our website.

Step 2

We'll review your application, and if accepted, we'll send you a Vendor Agreement. Please complete, sign, and return the Vendor Agreement within 7 days to secure your spot.

NOTE: New and first time applicants may be required to participate in a blind tasting (read above) in order to determine their eligibility.

Step 3

Complete a separate survey of final menu details, food costs, and rental requests will be sent after Vendor Agreements are received.

We realize this information will require a little more time for some of you, so this is not due until April 15, but we can't effectively promote your participation until this is filled out. 

This information will be used for event marketing and PR as well as signage on site at the event, and to help determine rentals, so the sooner... the better!


Vendor Application

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Day-Of Event Contact Phone #2 | Optional
Do you require rentals for food preparation, cooking, or storage (additional tables, freezer, chaffing dishes, beverage dispensers, fryers, grills, etc.)? *
Please Note: Rentals are available at preferred rental partner rates from Town & Country.
Trucks, please note your specific power needs. All trucks will run off of electrical during event hours.
No-Cancellation Policy Acknowledgement *
I understand that there is a strict no cancelation policy for this event. Cancelations may jeopardize my ability to participate in future Angeleno, Inc events- Including The LA Food Fest, Artisanal LA, Clean Made, and any other partner events we are involved in.
Application Process Acknowledgement *
I understand that this is a highly curated event and that a NON-REFUNDABLE $20 application fee is required to complete this application. I also understand that the LA Food Fest Team may require that I participate in a pre-event blind tasting prior to accepting or declining my application.
I (the undersigned) am an authorized representative. I have read, understand, agree and accept the terms of participation presented here.

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